Other Decisions Can be Made

Five Futures: Volume 2, Issue 7

A little bit less Azeem Azhar this time, and a little bit more Patrick Tanguay. Mostly, this is a function of me actually jotting down some notes and quotes from each article as I read them. Doing this made the entire process of compiling this edition of Five Futures a lot easier, and also made it feel feasible to include some podcast and video links, which I haven’t previously done.

Fewer links but more context. Five futures, if you will.

Where Homo Sapiens is Headed

Five Futures: Volume 2, Issue 6

Surprise Must Hide in Secret Worlds

Five Futures: Volume 2, Issue 4

The Last Remaining Hominin

Five Futures: Volume 2, Issue 3

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Nathan Acks

Nathan Acks

Nathan Acks has a Masters of Science in Applied Mathematics with a specialization in Operations Research. Since 2009 he has provided assistance in data systems, analysis, and physical and cyber security for a network of non-profits in the United States. He is one of the founders of Delphi Foresight Strategy.

Nathan lives in the Western United States with his partner and an ever growing assortment of house plants. When not working to change the world, he enjoys hiking, travel, and photography.