Something of Adaptive Value to Human Life

Five Futures: Volume 2, Issue 5

Conditions: Clear and 8° C.

Coordinates: ducks.fend.struck

Surprise Must Hide in Secret Worlds

Five Futures: Volume 2, Issue 4

Conditions: Clear and -1° C.


The Last Remaining Hominin

Five Futures: Volume 2, Issue 3

Conditions: Clear and 11° C.

Coordinates: tasty.dice.voted

Everything Was Stripped Away

Five Futures: Volume 2, Issue 2

Conditions: Partly cloudy and 8° C.

Coordinates: unless.gain.books

An Error of Scale

Five Futures: Volume 2, Issue 1

Conditions: Partly cloudy and 14° C.

Coordinates: volunteered.cities.owners

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About Us

Delphi Foresight Strategy was founded in 2016 to help ground conversations about the future within the larger context of human and planetary history.

Nathan Acks

Nathan Acks

Nathan Acks has a Masters of Science in Applied Mathematics with a specialization in Operations Research. Since 2009 he has provided assistance in data systems, analysis, and physical and cyber security for a network of non-profits in the United States. He is one of the founders of Delphi Foresight Strategy.

Nathan lives in the Western United States with his partner and an ever growing assortment of house plants. When not working to change the world, he enjoys hiking, travel, and photography.

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